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An Introduction To Exclusive Ancienne Ambiance In-Store Events:

Over the coming months Ancienne Ambiance in Chelsea Green will introduce exciting in-store events and product launches with a difference. Unique exhibitions of ancient artefacts ranging from 1000 to 3000 years old will offer our clients a precious opportunity to gather some insight into the pieces inspiring Ancienne Ambiance luxury products. An exclusive preview reception will precede each exhibition, sharing early viewing of exquisite objects, often celebrating new arrivals or launches.

In addition, trunk shows will be held alongside events focusing on independent, niche designers of jewellery and accessories, artists and more… opportunities to meet the designers and discover more about their craft and specific skillset.

Ancient artefacts are a huge part of the Ancienne Ambiance heritage. Ancient art has been at the heart of the family business for generations, selling pieces worldwide to museums, galleries and private collectors. Because of that, we have insider access to incredibly rare museum-quality items and first-hand knowledge from leading antiquity experts. (You can read more about us here)

As explained by Ancienne Ambiance founder, Adriana Carlucci,

“I can’t tell you how many times clients tell me how rare it is to experience that extra personal touch in luxury shopping – so I wanted to extend that special feel with in-store events that are unique experiences and opportunities, rather than just an impersonal product launch. Like a painting ‘vernissage’, they will actually get up-close to the ancient artefacts that inspired our products (e.g. ancient cuneiform tablets with recordings of Argan oil trade, ancient perfume bottles, ancient jewellery and cosmetic holders); clients will meet the jewellers who hand-make the designs we showcase and so on…”

Ancient Glass Exhibition  x  La Soufflerie

For our first event we’re celebrating the arrival in-store of new luxury glassware by famed La Soufflerie. A Summer exhibition showcasing Ancient Glass will feature 2,000 year-old glass perfume bottles from ancient Roman, Greek and Phoenician periods. Running from 6th-11th July 2018, all are welcome to view the Ancient Glass display in-store during opening times.

As Adriana continues:

“Whether treating themselves or someone else, our clients are the God/Goddess of our ‘Ambiance’ temple.  No matter who they are, we make a point of making each client feel like a VIP and I’m very hands-on with this.  Clients don’t expect me to be in-store serving them, but it’s my favourite place to be.  I find myself there even when I’m supposed to be in the office, because I know it means a lot to clients (some just pop in for a quick coffee and a chat).”

Jewellery At Ambiance  x  Ancient Jewellery Exhibition

This Autumn/Winter we’ll be adding ‘Jewellery at Ambiance’ to our boutique – new hand-made jewellery collections by independent designers and, to celebrate this, a September exhibition will showcase Ancient Jewellery from various periods, including Roman, Greek and Egyptian, for a limited time only.

Making your Ancienne Ambiance visit an even more interactive experience, an exciting preview reception and trunk show will be held on Thursday 20th September, with jewellery designers Claire van Holthe and Maximos Zachariadis in attendance. This one is well worth waiting for and will offer the opportunity to meet the jewellers and explore both ancient and modern pieces together. Sign-up below to our mailing list to receive your invitation.

Keep your calendars poised and get set to become involved with some extra special Ancienne Ambiance ancient heritage, as we take you with us on a journey through exquisite sources of inspiration.

As summarised by Adriana,

“I’ve always hosted friends and family, so it’s really exciting to hold these events for clients now too”.


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