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Ambiance Luxury Scented Candles: 

We caught up with Ambiance London founder, Adriana Carlucci, on the subject of natural candles, non toxic candles and the candle values we work by to ensure the highest quality and safest candles.

When thinking of a cosy home, candles definitely spring to mind. So, whether you’re planning a seasonal interior refresh or just love some self-care, there’s no better time to explore our scented candles and expert tips.  

Finding the best high quality candles

Bringing a scent-sational glow into your living space since 2004, Ambiance luxury scented candles are perfectly presented luxurious gift boxes that are crafted by hand in the United Kingdom. Thoroughly delicious and full of fragrance, each candle is hand-poured in the UK using traditional techniques, fine fragrances (sustainably sourced ingredients), special slow burning wax blend and lead-free wick.

Pictured: Behind the scenes – Ambiance Candle production

100% recyclable glass vessels and gift boxes can be repurposed for a variety of uses –  you can even choose to receive your candles without gift box if you prefer (see packaging options on each listing).

Inspired by scents from antiquity, our scented candle collections pay a marvellous homage to the exquisite artistry of ancient mosaics, taking inspiration from ancient motifs found in some of the most well-known mosaics of the Roman Empire. Used to decorate floors, walls and precious objects since before written records began, mosaics detail an invaluable insight into ancient life and were heavily influenced by Greek sea motifs and scenes from mythology too.

The perfect pick for our labels, mosaics were found from ancient Mesopotamia right across to Mesoamerica. Limited Edition Coloured Scented Candles and Classic Scented Candle Collections are emblazoned with label patterns inspired by these ancient mosaics, a feature that was also reflected in our AW19 shop window display.


Founder Adriana Carlucci discusses the Ambiance brand ethos, how to create a beautifully scented interior and candle scent-pairing…

Tell us about the Ambiance London brand ethos and how much input those values have in creating your candles?

My family goes back five generations specialising in ancient jewellery/art galleries and luxury boutiques – so strong values in consistency and service have been passed down to Ambiance. When I first started the brand it was six candles sold alongside 3000+ year old artefacts- so they had to be of the finest quality, with a sense of refinement about them. Luxury and craftsmanship are ancient traditions at the core of the Ambiance brand values – an ‘antiquity sensibility’ with regards to sustainability and keeping traditional techniques of production.

How important is it to you that Ambiance London candles are both hand-poured and hand crafted ?

Very. As a brand Ambiance is all about refined luxury and attention to detail is key – from the quality and features of each product to the sustainable practices that are part of the process.

A lot of testing is involved in the production process and our aim is to produce candles that are luxurious – slow burning, with as little wastage as possible as our fragrances and wax blends are made with the finest of ingredients. There is a maximum amount of fragrance that can be added to a candle before it no longer burns cleanly or properly, which is also why we produce certain sizes to ensure the best quality burn and fragrance throw.

The traditional techniques and fine ingredients involved are what ensure quality control and provide a superior quality burn. It’s a time-consuming process – placing cotton wicks into wax by hand and hand-pouring into glasses, then, as with all our products, each label is applied by hand, the final product is individually polished, inspected, gift boxed… not haute couture, but more haute candles. Our clients rely on this level of quality and small batch consistency, trusting in our high quality candles and ethos.

ancienne ambiance colored scented candles - hand poured scented candles


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Where do you gather your inspiration when creating new collections?

With ancient art as brand heritage there is no end to my inspiration – I’m quite spoilt with access to the art world, from beautiful ancient artefacts to modern art.  The aim is always to keep it classical and chic when it comes to design at Ambiance. Refining and refreshing what already exists is a big focus, much like certain luxury fashion houses known for certain styles and drapes that are repeated in a new format each season.

A little insight… The candle labels, inspired by ancient Roman mosaic motifs, took time to get right as several plates had to be made and aligned by hand to create the motif effects properly.  Imagery of the main mosaic which the motifs came from featured in our AW19 shop window display (along with ancient patterns and motifs, it depicts Autumnal leaves), together with our purple Roman column ruins that I commissioned from French street artist Olivier R.

What is your favourite Ambiance candle (or two!) for Autumn Winter, or does it depend on scent preference?

I seem to fall for Phoenicia Cedar in Autumn – it was our first best seller in 2004! I’m not the only one either, as I’ve noticed many clients love our Phoenicia at this time of year especially.  It’s a warm cedarwood that many clients coined ‘the mandle’ as it reminds them of a distinguished man’s cologne apparently.

Having said that, pairing scents is a great way of changing things up for a more ‘bespoke’ feel… something we share tips on each season.  Romana (amber) and Aphrodite (cypress) are a wonderful marriage of scents, as are Bacca (berry) with Imperium (laurel) and I think Sandalum (sandalwood) with Alteeneh (fig) make a great mix.

Non toxic high quality luxury scented candles - luxury cedar scented candle


Scented Candles: Not just for Autumn Winter

A lot of people tend to think of scented candles as just for Autumn Winter, but I enjoy them at all times of the year.  Different scents in different rooms, or for different occasions, work well at any time of year because the power of fragrance is such that it can transport you and your mood anywhere.

The flicker of a flame is cosy to look at in colder months, but lighting a floral scent like Tuberosa (tuberose) in Spring Summer months brings a fresh South of France-holiday feel to your space, just as lighting Phoenicia (cedar) or Aphrodite (cypress) offer a sitting-by-a-cosy-fireplace ambience in Winter.

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Create your perfect Personalised Candle Set online, just as if you were at our London boutique.

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Ambiance London beautifully presents your gifts in signature hand-crafted gift boxes and package all orders with care.  Forget wrapping and that Post Office queue, Ambiance London does it all for you.

Editor of The Ambiance Blog, Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer.

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