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Buying Scented Candles Online

How To Choose The Right Scented Candle Online

Luxury scented candles make gorgeous gifts for yourself or someone else, but buying scented candles online can often feel more challenging than purchasing in-store.

Learn everything you need to know about scented candles with our Candle Buying Guide, to ensure you know exactly what you are looking for before selecting your next candle online.

Whether you’re shopping with an office, bedroom, or reception area in mind, read on for our expert insight and advice to help you choose the right luxury candle.

Choosing Your Home Fragrance

Candles and Home Fragrance Buying Guide

Fragrance lovers will adore Ambiance London candles and home fragrances infused with multi-layered notes to enrich your home and create a fabulous ambience in any room.

Fragrance your home with luxurious candles, decorative diffusers or sublime room sprays

Scented Candles

Effortlessly adding an inviting atmosphere to surroundings, scented candles have the ability to comfort or elevate the senses.

Bringing a scent-sational glow into your living space since 2004, indulge the senses with award-winning Ancienne Ambiance London Candles for every season and ambience.

How do you know if a candle is good quality?

The wax composition of candles has an effect on burn time and on scent diffusion in a room. Read about Candle Facts at this link.

Our long-burning special wax blend offers a stable and natural room-filling fragrance as it burns.

Learn how Ambiance London Candles are crafted at this link

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Reed Diffusers

Decorative and practical, Ambiance London Diffusers include reed sticks with an oil and alcohol solution.  

Delivering a constant fragrance to scent your space, unlike candles, diffusers do not require lighting.

Perfect for greeting you when you enter a room, they are ideal for a seasonal refresh and particularly in the Summer months, as warmth helps increase the fragrance intensity.  


Room Sprays

Deliver an instant fragrance hit with Ambiance London Room Sprays

They are a great way to refresh your space and add a pleasant fragrance to the room particularly after cooking or smoking.  



How to Choose a Candle Online

What should I look for when buying scented candles online?

Ask yourself which fragrances you usually enjoy and what mood or environment you wish to create? Also, consider these fragrance families…

FLORAL SCENTS: Floral fragrances can be heavy or strong, like Tuberosa Tuberose, sweet floral such as Eset Rose Lily or Assyria Blossom.

WOODY SCENTS: Wooded fragrances consist of dense wood notes, like Sandalum Sandalwood (also in tea-lights), Phoenicia Cedar and Alteeneh Fig (also in Limited Edition).

CITRUS SCENTS / FRUITY SCENTS: Citrus fragrances are zesty with Bergamot, like Bella Bergamotta and fruity like Bacca Berry (also in Limited Edition).

FRESH SCENTS: Think of crisp tones, almost Spring-like scents, like aromatic Aphrodite Cypress which is fresh with a subtle woody musk.

GREEN SCENTS: A distinctive natural scent with herby aromas. Ingredients may include bay leaf, like Imperium Laurel (also in tealights) or featuring an invigorating woody combination like Alteeneh Fig.

SPICY SCENTS / AMBER SCENTS: Also known as oriental fragrances, these consist of soft amber like Romana Amber, or spicy cinnamon like Navitatum and smooth Sandalum Sandalwood.

What Are Fragrance Notes?

TOP NOTES: Often light and radiant, the initial scent which is perceived immediately.

HEART NOTES: The core of the fragrance detectable after the top notes have developed.

BASE NOTES: The foundation of the fragrance, depth and richness that lingers longer in the air and is last to develop. This is where the bolder notes come into play.

Shop Candles By Mood

Scent memories can be very powerful triggers and even transport you back to childhood moments. Certain ingredients and aromas also enhance your wellbeing, whether you’re feeling anxious, in need of relaxation or a burst of energy.

CALMING SCENTS: Aromas containing extracts of orange blossom, amber and fig are great for offering a comforting, calming and relaxing environment – ideal for unwinding from a long day.

RELAXING SCENTS: Fragrances containing extracts of amber, bergamot, rose lily and orange blossom are great for soothing, relaxing and restorative environments, creating a feeling of well-being.

INVIGORATING SCENTS: Scents containing extracts of orange, berries, bergamot, cypress, and laurel are ideal for uplifting your mood – perfect aids to enhance concentration, or a boost of energy in the morning.

ROMANTIC SCENTS: Aromas containing extracts of tuberose, rose, amber, fig and sandalwood are particularly ideal choice for creating a romantic ambience.

Shop Candles By Season

Seasonal Scents

You can update your home based on the season…

SPRING SCENTS: Enjoy a Spring refresh with fresh and green tones, such as cypress and laurel.

SUMMER SCENTS: In the Summer months, you can keep fresh notes and introduce orange blossom, adding light floral tones for a brighter atmosphere.

AUTUMN SCENTS: Autumn is a time for fruity fragrances, such as the deep scent of fig and warming amber aromas.

WINTER SCENTS: Winter is the perfect time for enjoying spicy scents, bringing cinnamon and sandalwood into the home. Heavy floral scents also add warmth and homeliness.

Shop Home Fragrance By Location

The room you’re looking to fragrance can play a part in your selection.

A smaller room that requires a cleaner scent for odours (bathroom, kitchen, etc) might benefit from a slow-burning fresh scent that isn’t overpowering.

Larger rooms such as the living room, master bedroom or any space with tall ceilings may be suited to a bolder scent.

HALLWAY / RECEPTION AREA SCENTS: If you place a strongly-scented diffuser in the hallway, it will send fragrance throughout your home.

BATHROOM SCENTS: Bathrooms benefit from diffuser aromas with clean and fresh tones.

BEDROOM SCENTS: Light floral diffuser fragrances are perfect for the bedroom.

KITCHEN SCENTS: Green and woody scents that don’t conflict with your cooking.

LIVING ROOM SCENTS: Using a woody diffuser aroma or candle scent in sandalwood or amber for a living room has a warm and cosy sense.

DINING ROOM SCENTS: A very strong fragrance in a room where you spend a lot of time or in a dining room may not be ideal, so we recommend a more subtle diffusion like Romana Amber (also an ideal candle for scent pairing).

Top Tips For Scenting Your Home

* To maximise your candle’s burn time, make sure it is lit for approximately 2-3 hours for its first burn. This will form a good sized melting pool (molten wax) across the entire surface for maximum scent. It also creates the wax ‘memory’ before extinguishing the flame and prevents tunnelling.

* Thereafter keep the wick trimmed to around 1/4 inch. Trimming the wick at regular intervals, or before each burn, will also help consume the candle evenly. A wick trimmer will do this perfectly, also preventing the excess wick to fall back into the molten wax.

* Instead of blowing out your candle, snuff it to prevent the wick from smouldering and leaving a smoky scent.

* Over time candle fragrances can change and sweat out. Store your candles somewhere not too warm and keep dust off with an elegant candle lid.

Read our expert Candle Tips at this link.


* To maximise your diffusers, make sure you use all the reeds provided with the fragrance oil.

* Keep in mind that warmer rooms will diffuse the fragrance faster and, for a quick and instant refresh, turn over (flip) the reeds.

* When you buy a refill oil, make sure you change your reeds – as old ones will be clogged with the oil from your last diffuser.

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At Your Service

Our expert team is always here to help you choose the perfect candle and home fragrances, whether searching for yourself or your loved ones.

Get in touch by Email, Live Chat or connect with customer care at this link.

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