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World Earth Day – Sustainability at Ancienne Ambiance:

World Earth Day (April 22nd ) is dedicated to raise awareness of sustainable practices and remind us all about the importance of protecting our planet. Often overwhelming, there are simple steps we can take to begin sustainable living. I must confess, I’m guilty of not making enough changes and have decided that it is better to commit to little adjustments that I can keep up, rather than bury my head in the sustainability sand.

Part of our sustainable values at Ancienne Ambiance focuses on using recyclable packaging (nb. refillable options to come on certain products). Our signature purple gift boxes, bags and glass bottles are all recyclable or can be reused. I keep my makeup brushes in the chic used candle glasses and they look pretty good displayed on your dressing table too. Or, if you’d like to bring those glass candle glass empties back, for every six we receive, you will get a free candle in return. A sustainable luxury eco-conscious candle loyalty card, I love this scheme.

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All other bottling comprises reusable and recyclable PET bottles, made of a material kinder to the environment than regular plastics. Reducing the carbon footprint of packaging, PET is lightweight, sustainable and resealable. Details like this are important to Ancienne Ambiance director Adriana Carlucci, who endeavours to ensure sustainability is at the heart of her business.

When fulfilling a shipment for an online order, boxes and packaging are made from recycled materials. And, upon sending packages to wholesale or trade clients, we make it a priority to reuse boxes and packaging materials we’ve already received things in.

To break it down, even one simple change a day could make a difference. Where you can, avoid single use products. And if you need to use something like a plastic cotton bud, shop biodegradable bamboo ones instead. Cheap to pick up too, you can find a pack of 500 for £3 online.

Ditched clothes make up a massive proportion of landfill, but I do love a good wardrobe clear-out, especially with Summer on the horizon. It goes without saying that charity shops will always be grateful for donations. Or, you could have some fun and arrange a clothes swap party. Recycle in style, grabbing your girlfriends and sipping Prosecco.

Revamping that wardrobe while getting the girls together, this is something I do with my pals and it makes for a brilliant evening. I guarantee you won’t go home empty-handed, and it is so satisfying seeing the people you love wearing the top or dress you’d become bored of.

The key to fool-proof sustainability is being mindful across all areas of your day. For example, we offer clients coffees and teas in-store which they can take away, so we use biodegradable recyclable paper cups. Slightly more expensive than regular paper cups that aren’t as easily recycled, Adriana tells me “they are better for the environment and my conscience”.

Which is what it’s all about really. By coming together and doing the right thing, we’re united in protecting our precious planet.

This article was first published 18 April 2019, updated April 2020

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