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Makeup and beauty chat with Daniel Sandler – 

International makeup artist  Daniel Sandler created his eponymous brand, Daniel Sandler Cosmetics in 2005. The man behind one of our founder Adriana’s all-time beauty favourites, their Watercolour Liquid Blush is a much-loved makeup icon. Part of the independent beauty name’s comprehensive collection, key values include a focus on inclusivity, sustainability and ingredient transparency. Not forgetting, being firmly against animal testing.

Daniel recently took five minutes out of his busy schedule to chat with us. We wanted to gather his insight into everything from professional tips to Autumnal makeup themes. And of course, explore whether any Ancienne Ambiance products have a special place in Daniel’s own beauty regime. Read on for our full interview….

First things first, when did your passion for beauty begin? 

I can’t really remember but I guess I got switched on to beauty when as a small child I’d watch my father, a well-known London society hairdresser, transform his clients. I loved watching him work. He was incredibly artistic and always enhanced his clients’ beauty. Around the same time, I would’ve also seen my mother get ready to go out for dinner or to a party and watched her apply subtle, glamorous makeup that made her look even more stunning than normal.

So, I guess both parents “woke” me to what beauty stands for.

Your products offer buildable looks, that slot seamlessly into a busy lifestyle. Would you mind sharing some top tips to elevate our everyday makeup?

As we age our skin texture changes and so does our skin tone. These changes are often subtle, but you will see noticeable difference in your skin’s texture. It may become a little slack and dull, and your skin tone may develop uneven pigmentation. So, to elevate your daily makeup make sure you reassess the formulas and textures you’re using and switch if necessary to tackle any changes that come with age.

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Which must-haves do you rely on as part of your regular daily routine?

I’m a huge fan of CeraVe skincare. The moisturisers and cleansers are fantastic as well as being superb value. I get gifted a lot of products to try from all sorts of brands and even though some of them give me some great results I always go back to CeraVe.

A lightweight, invisible SPF is also part of my daily routine, so I always apply the EVY sunscreen SPF 30 mousse. If you’re a makeup wearer, it can be easily applied under your foundation. But on days when my skin feels really thirsty and needs extra care and comfort, I turn to Willowberry’s Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm and Nutrient Boost Day Cream. Both products really nourish and help to make my skin feel hyper-moisturised and more comfortable.

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Adriana* lists your fabulous Watercolour Blush and Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Oil as her desert island items, (both of which I am hooked on too) and we’ve heard whispers that you like the gorgeous Autumn Winter reset that is Ancienne Ambiance Bath Salts. We’d love to know which Ancienne Ambiance buy is your favourite?

Ancienne Ambiance Jasminum Jasmine Bath Salts have the most incredible fragrance and I probably use too much of them as I love the whole house smelling of that heady floral aroma. It’s great to soak in a hot bath and breathe it all in.

Are there any key cosmetic trends going into Autumn and Winter that you’re seeing as particularly popular this year? 

I don’t follow trends as I believe they’re pretty much irrelevant to most people. I believe that makeup lovers should choose colours and textures depending on their mood and whatever the occasion is, whatever the time of year. Historically, red lipstick was only ever worn at Christmas but these days it’s okay to wear a bright bold whenever you want. The same goes for big lashes and foil-effect eye shadows; they were only ever worn for parties and other special occasions but these days you’ll see a lot of people wearing them during the day, all year round.

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Do days spent unwinding involve your beautiful dogs Elsie and Sidney?

Yes absolutely. Days and evenings are made perfect to relax and unwind with Sid or Elsie on my lap giving me a cuddle. They’re both quite small so it’s not unusual that I’ll have one on my lap with the other pressed right up against me. They’re both so loving and such great company. Life would’ve been very empty if they hadn’t been with us during lockdown. 

Can you leave us with any exciting snippets about future Daniel Sandler Cosmetics news or launches? 

Ha ha ha, I’d love to, but I’d have to kill you! But what I can say is that I’m constantly thinking about products that will enable my customers to achieve outstanding results in a very short time and then buy them at a very fair price. I don’t believe professional formulas should be pricey.

Visit danielsandler.com and follow danielsandlermakeup on Instagram.

*Adriana’s favourite Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush and Bronzer: So Pretty blush and Hot Totty bronzer. 


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