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International Fragrance Day

– National Fragrance Week 2020:

National Fragrance Day 21 March embraces all things scent and perfume-related within the beauty industry, so naturally it’s an occasion we welcome each year with open arms at Ancienne Ambiance.

This year National Fragrance Week (set up by the Fragrance Foundation in the UK), aptly takes us up to International Fragrance Day 21st March and, of course, Mother’s Day on Sunday 22nd March 2020 in the UK.


Fragrance Day 21st March

Put your best face – and fragrance – forward for a #smellfie !

A fabulous idea started by our friends at The Perfume Society, highlight this special day by posting a selfie with a scent you love >>> 


As writer and fragrance expert Stephan Matthews explains,

“It often feels as though we forget what National Fragrance Day is truly about. It’s a celebration of fragrance in all of its forms. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive, the most challenging, or the most desired. It just needs to be a scent that means something special to you. This can be a perfume, a soap, even your favourite fabric conditioner because they all add fragrance to our day. These scents become the smellscape of our lives, markers of emotion, memories of place, and each should be celebrated for the importance that they offer us.”

stephanmatthews.com - stephan matthews perfume expert

Writer and fragrance expert Stephan Matthews >>


Gifts For Her with Scent Inspiration:

So, whether you’re all set to spoil your mum, other half, a really special maternal figure or just simply love scent, here are a few of our own suggestions:

Travel Size Perfumes

Previously sold only as limited-edition sets, you can now pick up individual Pocket Perfumes. The perfect way to dip into different scent options and find your new favourite fragrance, these refillable 15ml beauties are your ideal travel companions. Discover fragrances spanning across citrus notes, exotic woody elements and floral tones too. Roll-on perfumes to freshen up on the go, dot onto your pulse points and behind the back of your ears, wherever you like to wear your scent.

pocket perfumes - fragrance discovery box - fragrance discovery - niche perfumes for fragrance day


Bespoke Perfume Discovery Box

Create your own Bespoke Perfume Discovery Box, providing the option of trying between two or three of our perfumes. Embrace perfume layering and perhaps indulge yourself with the full five perfume scents we sell. Ask us about the scents which work well when worn together or feel free to tell us your own specific preference. We know how personal perfume picks can be and that is exactly the idea behind this bespoke box.


Stephan’s Ancienne Ambiance Fragrance Day 2020 Favourites

Stephan tells us: the most important part of our daily scenting ritual is the one that happens before the top of the perfume bottle is even taken off. I’m talking about soap, shower gel, and bath salts. These little blocks of fragrance, bottles of liquid gold, or grains of relaxation welcome us from sleep and send us into slumber. So, my suggestions for an Ancienne Ambiance scented bathing ritual has to be Arangia Orange Bath Salts with its deliciously tangy bite, Goddess Argan Soap with the iconic oriental scent, and the Damask Rose Hand & Body Wash because everyone deserves some floral decadence.”

fragrance day favouties - fragrance week favourites - stephan matthews - the ambiance blog

What better time to infuse your daily routine with a little extra scent TLC? And as Stephan finishes, Whatever your perfumed choices on National Fragrance Day, just remember to celebrate your existing scented memories and strive to make new ones. It can start with something as simple as a bar of soap.”


Follow @stephan_matthews on Instagram and find him at stephanmatthews.com 


Ancienne Ambiance London Chelsea - the three graces shop window art - March 2020 - National Fragrance Day 2020
Fragrance Day at Ancienne Ambiance in London

Celebrate the joy of fragrance with us as we approach Fragrance Day 21st March!

From 16th to 21st March 2020 discover our special display of Ancient Perfume Bottles (some 2000 years old) featured daily on our Instagram stories.


Learn how to Build A Perfume Wardrobe at this link

National Fragrance Day 2021 - Fragrance Week - Mother's Day Gifts 2021

Image: Stephan Matthews

Editor of The Ambiance Blog, Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer.

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