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Benefits of Lavender for Sleeping

Celebrate World Sleep Day – 

 A good night’s “beauty” sleep is vital for maintaining mental and physical wellbeing, yet the impact of sleep on our health is not something that many of us dwell on.

So what better way to wake-up to our sleeping habits than World Sleep Day (Friday 15 March 2024) – the global initiative to encourage us all to review and improve our sleep quality for overall health.

Here we explore the benefits of lavender and how it can be used as a natural sleep aid.

Discover the benefits of Lavender for sleep:

Adriana Carlucci, founder of Ancienne Ambiance, discusses the positive effects of lavender…

Lavender for Sleep and Anxiety

Lavender – The Natural Sleep Aid

Suffer from headaches, or find it hard to get to sleep? Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed by all you have to do and can’t focus? Nature has given us a wonderful wellbeing aid for all the above and it dates back a few thousand years… Lavender!
Derived from the Latin word, lavera, meaning to wash, lavender was first recorded by the ancient Egyptians who used it to produce soothing ointments and perfumes. The ancient Greeks loved its healing properties, the Romans were fond of using it in their bath water. With such a clean and distinct fragrance, it’s no wonder that the ancients found the Lavender plant so appealing and discovered its many health and beauty benefits.
Lavendula Lavender Bath & Body Salts | Sleep & Wellness


What are the benefits of lavender for wellbeing?

Lavender is so beneficial for self-care – perhaps more so now than ever, due to our modern multi-tasking lifestyles getting the better of us. Yet it only takes a few moments to feel the power of lavender and its fragrance for your wellbeing and physiology. From relieving tired muscles to helping ease insomnia and improve concentration, here are some ways lavender products can help your everyday wellness:
• It provides natural relief for muscle pain, headaches, migraines and inflammation.
• It has a relaxing effect on the mind, reducing stress and is also very effective at improving concentration.
• A natural antiseptic in essential oil format, it can be used directly on burns, sun damaged skin, wounds, rashes and all kinds of skin infections.
• It prevents scarring and stretch marks – and is also thought to slow down the development of wrinkles.
• One of the safest oils to use, it is suitable for all skin types and is a cell regenerator.
Lavender for Sleep | Lavendula Lavender Bath & Body Oil
Top tips for using Lavender:
• Lavender Compress – Essential for headaches and tired eyes, but also great to revive and rejuvenate the face or soothe burns.
Lavender Bath – Relax tired or painful muscles, de-stress and ease body tension. Particularly beneficial before bed-time to improve sleep quality.
Lavender Massage – A wonderful way to relax tight, sore muscles, soothe body tension and improve blood circulation, massage in sweeping movements towards the heart. Also particularly beneficial before bed-time for a more restful sleep.
• Lavender Fragrancing – Ideal for calming nerves, headaches and promoting a relaxed environment. It can even improve focus and concentration during stressful times.
For luxurious lavender products (including aromatherapy bath and body oils) check out our Lavendula products. All products are natural, made with the finest quality pure lavender, grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.
More Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep:
Help improve your overall sleep and wellness with the WorldSleepDay.org.
Original post published in 2019. 

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