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Introducing our exciting new Fragrance Finder:

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new section on the site – our dedicated Fragrance Finder!  Following on from the piece I wrote about Curating A Perfume Wardrobe, I’m loving this new option to build your collection using the Ancienne Ambiance new perfume finder.

Choosing a Perfume

The Fragrance Finder will offer inspiration and insight tailored to you, meaning you can use the scent finder to try a different style and add to your existing assortment. Or, why not move in a completely new perfume direction altogether.

Choosing a Perfume | Ancienne Ambiance

Find your own extra special fragrance amongst our award-winning perfumes, loved by our clients for their truly iconic and original signature scents. But, with so much choice, it can be tough to find the right one for you and your scent tastes. This is where the perfume finder comes in, providing help with which fragrance way to turn.

Find a new Perfume

Come Winter or Summer, day or evening, alternative scents suit special occasions or simple everyday wear. I keep a stash of bottles on my dressing table and delight in which one I fancy wearing that day. Perfume has such potent power, from lifting your mood to making you feel glamorous, strong or revitalised. We cover signature Ancienne Ambiance scents across both Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. Unisex too, they are decadent, long-lasting, sensuous and stylish. Plus, those beautifully crafted bottles really stand out on display.

Staying true to the origin of niche perfumery, which we’re so passionate about, take the scent finder test and explore the luxurious bottles produced by hand in limited quantities. Proud to use the finest ingredients, should you be thinking “find me a new fragrance please, Ancienne Ambiance”, just in need of trying something different, or searching for the ideal perfume gift, look no further.

You may have used a similar scent finder before, or this could be an innovative concept. Either way, it’s really easy and also offers excellent insight into our range. We can’t wait to hear how you get on with the scent finder, always adoring being a part of client stories and experiences.

Spanning across light uplifting tones to something exotic or glamorous, using a perfume finder by notes within the scents means you can tap into exactly what you’re looking for. The ultimate finishing touch, it’s important you love your scent as it’s so personal to you.

Without further ado, take our quick and easy scent test using the perfume finder below and let us help you indulge in a new signature scent…


Click Here For Our Fragrance Finder


“Make use of the site’s brilliant Fragrance Finder tool. Answer the online questions and be guided to the perfect scent for your (or your loved one’s) needs” – TheGoodWebGuide.co.uk



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Bespoke Fragrance Discovery Box

Create your perfect Personalised Fragrance Discovery Box online, just as if you were at our Chelsea boutique!

Gold Mini Colonia Fragrance Discovery Box

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