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Lavender Oil as a skincare and wellbeing remedy:

Lavender is famous for its therapeutic qualities, known to soothe and relax. A sleep solution and wellbeing fix that goes back a few thousand years, this timeless classic has a ton of benefits. If you’re ever looking for a calming boost, but also wondered about lavender oil for skin care, we’re here to bring you all the info.

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Is bath oil good for your skin?

Should you be asking is lavender essential oil good for skin, it’s worth noting that the word originally comes from the Latin word lavera, meaning to wash. First recorded as an ingredient the ancient Egyptians used, they looked to lavender for soothing remedies and fragrance. Whether you love a lavender perfume or swear by it for sleep, there are a few other quick fixes it’s fab for too.

All skin-type friendly, lavender oil’s skincare bonuses cover it being a natural antiseptic when in essential oil format so as a product component, the ingredient can be used directly on burns, sun damage, wounds, rashes and even skin infections. Also often claimed to slow the appearance of wrinkles developing, it’s billed as anti-ageing skincare that helps prevent scarring and stretchmarks as well.

A body and skincare multi-tasker, we can’t overlook the brilliant wellbeing advantages. Soothing sore muscles, assisting with insomnia and helping fight headaches, lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory, working hard to relax the body and mind while reducing stress in the process. Keep a bottle of lavender oil in your office, bathroom or even by the bed, reaching for a dab on pulse points at times you need relief. Thought to improve concentration too, lavender is a safe, natural aid with a multitude of important purposes.

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Lavender oil for sleep

Lots of different ways to dip into a lavender skincare and wellbeing lift, our top ways to use this beauty essential include: enjoying the aromatherapy benefits of lavender by pouring a relaxing Bath Oil or salt-infused bath; maximising lavender’s wellbeing properties while using the scent as your signature fragrance; adding a few drops of lavender to a cloth and making yourself a cooling compress; popping some lavender on your pillow to help tackle sleepless nights, and finally, from an easy hand and arm massage to looking after the body’s other muscles, lavender oil works really well when relieving tension.

I also recommend using the oil on cuticles and rough skin, lapping up the luxurious, calming scent while soothing problem areas. It’s something which means looking after your skin can be transformed into a calming wellbeing ritual. Even grabbing five minutes for yourself can provide a bit of bliss, during a busy day.

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