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Mother’s Day Ideas:

Mother’s Day is an occasion to spoil your very special mum role model. Whether this means treating the mama of your babies, your own mother or a maternal figure who has been by your side throughout, we’ve put together a list of lovely ideas.

Mothering Sunday signifies something totally different to everyone, and no doubt each mama requires their own tailored treatment. Dip into the unique or indulge in classic gifts, all containing the promise of passing on your love and gratitude.

Arrange a beach trip

Should you be conveniently near to or very far from the sea, offer a seaside escape that will provide mother and child with coastal therapy. This could mean fish and chips at your local beach, a journey to the nearest seaside town or even a holiday. Either way, breathing in the sea air and allowing crashing waves to lap at your toes will never fail to fulfil.

Creating an adventure I.O.U, most importantly your mum will love the gift of one-on-one time together.

Luxury gift ideas for Mum

Present a candle complete with your own message

Choose from Ancienne Ambiance’s selection of stunning candles, and neatly fold up your own note to pop inside the lid. She will open her gift to gorgeous fragrance and loving sentiment as well. It may be a few words of thanks or some funny memories, which this lucky mama will remember when lighting her candle in future.

My favourites are the luxurious statement of Imperium Laurel, floral notes Eset Rose & Lily conjures, and the fruity freshness of Bacca Berry. While these beauties have a long burn time and do last for simply ages (60-65 hours), I wash the glass containers out afterwards. Ideal to store jewellery, lipsticks and more, mum can keep her note safely tucked inside.

Imperium Laurel Candle  Eset Rose Lily Scented Candle  Bacca Berry Scented Candle

Speaking of re-use, Ancienne Ambiance covers an excellent recycling scheme, with a nod to sustainable practices. Customers receive a loyalty card in-store, meaning for every 6 used candles returned, you are given a free one. Find out more, here.

Book out her diary

Choose a day and ensure she has plans only for herself. If a mother of small children, suggest utter peace for precious hours off. Gift Lavendula Lavender Bath & Body Oil with the intention of a warm soak followed by some much-needed snoozing.

From bath oils to salts such as the divine Rosa Rose, offering up a timeless treat, mum will have no option other than to stop and just be- as she completely and utterly deserves.

Lavendula Lavender Bath & Body Oil, Luxury Gifts for her

Shop matching scents

A signature scent says so much about you, and fragrance is undoubtedly the best way to evoke wonderful memories. Why not discover a new ‘mum and me’ matching scent? Should you have completely different tastes, explore complementary notes to wear alongside each other.

The Colonia Collection is a great starting point to discover a statement Ancienne Ambiance Perfume for both of you.

Ancienne Ambiance Niche Perfumes 100ml

Take the plunge and pick your own or gift a gorgeous Ancienne Ambiance Gift Card, tempting mum with some retail therapy and an indulgent outing together.

Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty editor and lifestyle writer (Glamour, Grazia). Follow Helen on Twitter or Instagram.

Helen Wilson-Beevers

Helen Wilson-Beevers

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Luxury Mother's Day Gifts - Gifts for her

Editor of The Ambiance Blog, Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer.

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