Arangia Orange Bath and Body Salts | Glass 200ml


Orange Scented Bath and Body Salts

Glass Bottle 200ml

A refreshing blend of luxury bath soak salts infused with a zesty orange fragrance. 

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Editor’s Notes:  Arangia orange scented bath salts are refreshing and help to relax muscle cramps. Treat yourself or someone special to these perfect at-home spa salts and enjoy a luxury bath soak or foot soak. 

Arangia Orange Scented Bath Salts How To Use:

Bath Soak:  A natural anti-inflammatory for the muscles, a body soak is particularly good for gently purifying and detoxifying- thus also helping to stop bloating and reduce inches for a temporary ‘slim-down’. Use 1-2 generous handfuls in the bath and to soak your feet after a long day.

Body Scrub:  A routine body scrub will produce visibly softer, brighter skin and help good blood circulation. Apply directly to damp skin or mix with olive oil for a textured body exfoliator.

Foot Soak:  If you suffer from rough or hard skin on your feet, a foot soak with these salts will help break down and soften hard skin. Soak once a week in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Then apply dry salts directly to your skin to exfoliate, rinse off and remove any excess skin with a foot file or pumice. Pat dry and follow with Goddess Oil to lock in moisture.

Immune System Boost:  As the naturally occurring minerals in these salts are gently detoxing, they will ease muscle aches, calm the body and help you get a good night’s rest – so you can recover faster. 

A little history…  A great mood boosting scent used for centuries to calm and uplift, oranges were considered symbols of fruitfulness.  They originated around 4000 B.C. in Southeast Asia and the ancient Greeks called them the ‘golden apple of the Hesperides’. In Greek mythology, the Hesperides were the nymphs of the sunset that looked after a garden with apple trees that bore ‘golden apples’ – believed to give immortality to anyone who consumed them.

Product Information:  A blend of Epsom salt, Mediterranean sea salt and essential oils.  The pure mineral compound of Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) has many health and beauty benefits. Most importantly, when dissolved in the bath, they help to replenish the body’s magnesium levels, relieve stress and leave you feeling revived. 

Comes beautifully presented in a glass bottle and hand-crafted luxurious gift box that is made in the UK.

Please note:  Pigment can vary from each batch produced and may appear lighter or darker in colour. This does not affect the product properties.

Production:  Made in the UK

“These bath salts would make the loveliest gift and we can think of nothing more relaxing than soaking in a warm, zesty bath” –

“Running a bath can often be a default setting when it comes to managing stressful times and Ancienne Ambiance are one of our very favourite independent London-based brands. Their Arangia Salts offer the naturally mood-lifting orange scent, while also soothing and moisturising skin. Deluxe and delightful”–

“As soon as you remove the lid, you get an instant hit of orange… Ambiance London very much take bath salts to the next level, creating a luxurious product which not only smell just incredible but are as relaxing to the mind and body as they are kind to your skin!” – BeautyQueenUK

“Divine Arangia Orange will lift the spirits of everyone who receives it” –


Ancienne Ambiance products are not tested on animals. 



Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, [± Parfum, CI 42090, CI 14700, CI 14720, CI 19140, CI 17200, CI 15510, CI 60730, CI 19140]


Please note:     

With product updates and improvements, ingredient lists may change or can vary from time to time. This may not be reflected on the website as quickly as it is on product labels, so please refer to the ingredient list on the product label you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.




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