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How To Build Your Soap Set: Select four soaps to be perfectly presented in your luxury gift box.

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Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Argan Soap 100g - argan oil soap - luxury argan soap
Goddess Argan Soap, 100g

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lavender soap - luxury soap - luxury lavender soap bar - ancienne ambiance soap
Lavendula Lavender Soap, 100g

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luxury soap - ancienne ambiance damask rose soap bar - damask rose soap
Damask Rose Soap, 100g

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luxury soap - jasminum jasmine soap - luxury jasmine scented soap - ancienne ambiance soaps
Jasminum Jasmine Soap, 100g

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beauty shortlist awards 2022 - ancienne ambiance ambra amber soap
Ambra Amber Soap, 100g

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luxury soap - red berries scented soap - berry soap - savon de marseille - ancienne ambiance bacca soap
Bacca Berry Soap, 100g

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orange blossom scented soap - orange blossom soap - orange blossom savon de marseille - ancienne ambiance neroli soap
Neroli Orange Blossom Soap, 100g

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beauty shortlist awards 2022 - ancienne ambiance adriatica fig soap
Adriatica Fig Soap, 100g

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Build Your 4-Piece Luxury Soap Set



The most luxurious soaps for the whole body

Create the perfect bespoke luxury soap set for yourself or someone special

Editor’s Notes: With beautiful packaging, luxurious scents and decadent formulas, this is a sophisticated gift to delight any recipient.

What It Is:  A set of four luxury Soap bars infused with shea butter to luxuriously cleanse and moisturise the skin in one go. 

Who It’s For: All skin types.

What It Does: Softening and nourishing Ancienne Ambiance Soap creates a luxuriously creamy lather that gently cleanses and moisturises the skin. Each soap bar purifies the face, hands and body without stripping the skin, leaving it delicately scented.

How To Use: see ‘how to use’ tab.

Product Information: First launched in 2013, Ancienne Ambiance Soaps are made in France following traditional Savon de Marseille techniques renowned for having many dermatological and eco-friendly properties. Full of vitamins to luxuriously nourish and moisturise, each Ambiance soap bar cleanses the skin perfectly and, even without the presence of SLS, they lather beautifully. Enriched with sustainably sourced Shea Butter, Ambiance soaps are created from a 100% vegetable oil base using coconut oil, which contains natural glycerine, are natural, biodegradable and safe for the environment.

  • Beautifully presented in a signature luxury gift box which is crafted by hand in the UK.
  • Recyclable packaging and gift box can be repurposed for a variety of uses.
  • All packaging is responsibly crafted using sustainably sourced recycled materials. Learn more.
  • Individual Soap Bar Size: 100g – H3cm x W7.5cm x D5cm.
  • Production:  Made in France.
  • Ancienne Ambiance products are not tested on animals. 

A little history… Prescribed in ancient times for carrying away impurities from the body, it is thought that soap production dates back to around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon. The first known formula for soap written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC. It was said that soap was first discovered by washer women who did laundry in the Tiber River at the base of Sapo Hill in Rome. The word ‘sapo’ (Latin for soap) was first recorded by Roman author Pliny circa AD 77–79.

How To Use

For use of face, hands and body. Work into a lather on damp skin.

As Loved By

“Sometimes it’s the simplest things that add the greatest fragrance to your day, and that definitely goes for Ancienne Ambiance’s new collection of soaps… they’re a scented steal” –

“Not only do these help to keep skin soft and hydrated but are fragranced with delicate botanical extracts.” – The Amazing Blog

“These soaps are the height of luxury, with exquisite scents, a rich and creamy lather and I love the fact they’re multi-use too – use on hands, face and body!” – Sandra, Beauty Balm Blog

“A small slice of luxury ideal for daily use”

“Gentle enough to use on your face and, of course, smell divine. Lovely, lovely gift ideas. When the quality is this good, you can’t go wrong.” – Julia Rebaudo,

“Anyone who is familiar with the brand Ancienne Ambiance will know that they are not just any soaps, they are quite something. When they come into contact with the water, they do lather very quickly and are gentle enough to be used on the face and body. “


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