Ancient Gold Beads & Carnelian Earrings


Ancient Gold Bead Earrings

Ancient Gold Beads & Carnelian . 1st Millennium BC, 18K gold modern gold links and hooks.

Ancienne Ambiance X Claire van Holthe: One of a kind, hand-made by Claire van Holthe.

Wearable history for today and decades to come.


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Editor’s Notes:  These contemporary earrings with ancient gold beads are truly special. Wearable history suitable for day wear or evening and suited for all colourings.

Size and Fit:  Earrings measure 7cm long. Hooks for pierced ears.

Claire van Holthe for Ancienne Ambiance: A collaboration blending our brand heritage (ancient jewellery and antiquities) with resident jeweller Claire van Holthe. This enchanting collection celebrates Ancient amulets, intaglios and coins from various cultures set with modern 18k gold… thousands of years old and of museum quality, these ancient artefacts are given a new life as wearable history for today and decades to come.

Each unique piece is expertly handcrafted by jeweller Claire van Holthe at her London atelier.

Beautifully presented in hand-crafted black gift boxes with signature Ancienne Ambiance purple ribbons.

Ancient Artefacts: Ancienne Ambiance maintains a provenance registry of all ancient pieces featured in jewellery collections and exclusively sources ancient artefacts from Leading specialists in authentic ancient art, jewellery and antiquities for five generations, Artemission is a member of the Association of International Antiquities Dealers (AIAD) and abides by the Association’s Code of Conduct.

A little history… Gold jewellery was worn by both men and women in the Sumer civilisation around 3000 BC and gold chains were first produced in the city of Ur in 2500 BC. In ancient Rome, the carnelian gemstone was a symbol of courage. The Greeks and Babylonians believed wearing carnelian would bring them good fortune.

Ancient Carnelian: Carnelian gemstone beads have been used for centuries to create beautiful jewellery and charms. A bold and beautiful stone that truly stands out, the intense, fiery gemstone can evoke the warmth and illumination of the sun or the blazing embers of a burning fire.


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Jeweller Bio

claire van holthe - ancienne ambiance

Claire van Holthe

Claire van Holthe has a passion for natural coloured gems and sources stones from around the world. Her hand-made designs, some reminiscent of ancient jewellery, are feminine, delicate and respectfully keep in mind the stones natural power and beauty. It is the stones cut and colour that interests Claire the most, she lets the stones speak for themselves and designs around their natural beauty.

In 2004 we commissioned London-based Dutch jewellery designer Claire van Holthe to make Ancienne Ambiance Jewellery incorporating ancient artefacts. We are now thrilled to showcase pieces from her Ancient Goddess inspired collection of one-off pieces.

Discover more about independent jeweller Claire van Holthe in blog post ‘Meet The Jewellers’ here…


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