21k Gold Garnet Grappolo Earrings

An extraordinary jewellery gift for ancient history lovers. These captivating Etruscan inspired garnet grappolo earrings are a statement of elegance and style. Crafted by hand with 21K solid gold, they catch the light beautifully and add an chic touch to any outfit.

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Editor’s Notes: An extraordinary jewellery gift for ancient history lovers. The intricate gold work makes these statement earrings a timeless piece for any jewellery collection.

Product Information: A captivating pair 21k yellow gold grappolo earrings (resembling a bunch of grapes) with red garnet stones. Inspired by Ancient Etruscan design and intricately crafted by hand.

  • Size: 3.5cm L
  • Style: For pierced ears
  • Materials: 21k solid gold, red garnet.
  • Beautifully presented in hand-crafted black gift boxes with signature Ambiance London purple ribbons.

A Tribute To Ancient Jewellery: AMBIANCE fine jewellery draws from our brand heritage of five generations specialising in Ancient jewellery and art. An exquisite collection of unique investment pieces, they are crafted by hand with 21K gold by our highly skilled goldsmiths in Beirut, Lebanon.

A little history… The grappolo style was first crafted by the Etruscans c. 7th – 5th century BC. The metallurgical techniques of the Etruscan goldsmiths drew on Egyptian, Near Eastern and Central European metalwork and techniques such as granulation, filigree and repoussé were adopted by Etruscan jewellers. The Ancient Greeks called garnets “nuktalopos” meaning “lamp stone” and they believed that wearing a garnet around the neck gave one the ability to see in the dark. The Romans used garnet as a talisman for protection, whilst the Ancient Egyptians referred to garnet as the symbol of life.

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