Goddess Neroli Water, Calming Orange Blossom Mist 250ml


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Neroli Orange Blossom Floral Water

Size: 250ml (spray applicator included)

The finest premium Orange Blossom, full of natural skin healing properties.

Refreshing and revitalising the skin, Goddess Neroli Water can also be spritzed to set makeup or as a comforting pillow mist.

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Editor’s Notes:  An uplifting and oh-so-soothing orange blossom fragrance, Goddess Neroli Water is extremely therapeutic and particularly beneficial as a gentle toner, after your cleansing routine. If you have dry or tired looking skin this beauty hero helps to revitalise and encourage a natural radiance.

Directions & Uses:

Fresh and rich in fragrance – Goddess Neroli Water has a perfume-like aroma, but is soft and gentle with skin rejuvenating properties

* A gentle astringent, Goddess Neroli Water is a great skin toner, particularly for dry or tired skin. Apply to a cotton or cloth pad and then to the face/eyes to revive and de-puff.

* Encourages vibrant, healthy skin that glows and is full of vitality. Use as a face mist on freshly cleansed skin (spray applicator included).

* Spray a light mist after applying makeup to help set and achieve a fresh dewy look

* Helps to protect dry skin by promoting skin regeneration

* Add to bath water for a hydrating and aromatic soak

* A great night’s sleep is just a spritz away… Spray over your bed and pillowcase just before bed-time to soothe and calm.

A little history…  The use of Neroli and orange blossoms dates back to ancient Egypt where they were used in several beauty recipes. The word Neroli is attributed to a French-born Italian princess (Countess of Nerola, c. 1600s) who used orange blossoms in her bathwater.

Top Tip:  After opening, Goddess Waters have an approximate 3-6 month shelf life (for cosmetic use). To maximise, store away from heat and bright light. In fact, refrigeration is highly recommended. NB. Tinted bottle promotes excellent conservation.

Goddess Neroli Water is produced in France and in small batches to ensure superb quality control. Ancienne Ambiance essential floral waters (hydrolats) are pure, contain no additives, alcohol, colourants, or synthetic fragrances and are also free from preservatives; pasteurised during the bottling process to remove impurities and retain top quality condition. Created in a similar manner to essential oils, they are produced by steam distillation; the essential oil floats to the top of the distillate where it is removed, leaving refreshing pure floral essential waters which contain the very essence of everything that was within the plant.

Product Information:  Goddess Neroli Water (Citrus Aurantium hydrolat) is full of natural skin healing properties. Its rich composition is 100% pure with nothing added to it. Does not contain any additives or colourants.

Little did they know in 1200 BC that the floral waters they so highly prized would be part of our beauty routine today… and, just as they were in antiquity, Goddess Waters are full of therapeutic benefits, delivering much more than just skin hydration.

Production:  Made in France

Please Note: This product may contain some natural ‘sediment’ making it appear cloudy. This is made up of natural waxes/essential oil compounds that settle out of the distillate water and occurs after fine filtration. It is does not affect the product properties.


“The perfect summer spritz” –

“Absolutely loved this soft toning water, it is moisturising yet a gentle astringent, the smell is heavenly and so relaxing! It really made my skin glow.” –


Ancienne Ambiance products are not tested on animals. Packaged in high quality recyclable PET bottles: kinder to the environment, ideal for travelling.



Aqua, Citrus Aurantium


Please note:  

With product updates and improvements, ingredient lists may change or can vary from time to time. This may not be reflected on the website as quickly as it is on product labels, so please refer to the ingredient list on the product label you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.







3 reviews for Goddess Neroli Water, Calming Orange Blossom Mist 250ml

  1. Kate.C

    Really love this product, it smells amazing and my skin adores it. I use it in the morning instead of splashing water and i also use it at night after i cleanse. It is firmly part of my routine and so glad i’ve found it. Would like to give it 10 stars :-)

  2. vickie68

    It’s refreshing and leaves a subtle glow. Simple and easy. I will be buying again!

  3. Justine

    OBSESSED with this stuff! This product is so refreshing. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and I am completely addicted to the delicious smell of it.

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