Build Your 2-Piece Fragrance Set

Bespoke Perfume Discovery Box

Create your set of two exquisite 15ml travel size perfumes.

How To Build Your Perfume Set: Select two scents to be perfectly presented in your luxury gift box.

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Colonia IV Four Citrus Pocket Perfume - Ancienne Ambiance London Niche Perfumes
Colonia IV Citrus Tonka Eau de Toilette – 15ml Travel

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Colonia VI Six Blackcurrant Peach Pocket Perfume - Ancienne Ambiance London Niche Perfumes
Colonia VI Geranium Peach Eau de Toilette – 15ml Travel

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Colonia VII Seven Pink Grapefruit Pocket Perfume - Ancienne Ambiance London Niche Perfumes
Colonia VII Pink Grapefruit Eau de Toilette – 15ml Travel

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Colonia VIII White Fig & Sandalwood Eau de Parfum – 15ml Travel

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Colonia IX Cedar, Sandalwood & Patchouli Eau de Parfum – 15ml Travel

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Build Your 2-Piece Fragrance Set



Niche Perfume Discovery Box | Create your unique fragrance layering gift set

Editors Notes: A niche perfume treat for yourself or someone special. Put a personal spin on a unique gift set in just a few clicks! 

What Is It: A set of two 15ml pocket perfumes, as chosen by you, complete with an elegant black drawstring bag. Beautifully presented in a signature luxury gift box which is crafted by hand in the UK. 

Who It’s For: This custom fragrance discovery box is the ideal way to explore Ambiance fine fragrances or offer a unique niche fragrance gift set with your favourite picks. The perfect travel size perfumes to fragrance on the move, these chic rollerball scents are also refillable. Create your own signature scent story by layering your favourite fragrances together or let them shine on their own.

How To Use: Apply fragrance to pulse points (inside wrist, behind the ears, base of the neck), creases of your knees and elbows for a longer lasting, stronger scent. After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. This breaks down the fragrance, causing it to wear off more quickly.

Fragrance Layering Tips: see ‘fragrance tips’ tab.

Product Information: Inspired by antiquity and offering an olfactive journey with natural distinctive character, Ancienne Ambiance Fragrances are produced by hand in limited quantities in France and using the finest ingredients.

  • COLONIA IV Eau de Toilette: A fresh, refined and timeless unisex citrus fragrance with a traditional approach and offering a sensory escape to the sublime citrus groves of Southern Italy.
  • COLONIA VI Eau de Toilette: An elegant sweet unisex fragrance, inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens Of Babylon, that captures a beautifully fragrant garden.
  • COLONIA VII Eau de Toilette: An exuberant unisex eau de toilette with a modern approach, capturing the liveliness and freshness of citrus fruits with crisp pink grapefruit.
  • COLONIA VIII Eau de Parfum: A sweet, woody unisex eau de parfum that exudes luxury and is inspired by the luscious figs of ancient times.
  • COLONIA IX Eau de Parfum: A woody unisex eau de parfum where elegance reigns supreme.
  • Each 15ml pocket perfume roll-on is refillable and perfect for travelling. 
  • Drawstring Bag: Crafted by hand from GRS certified vegan suede which is made of recycled content.
  • Ambiance products are not tested on animals. Packaging is responsibly crafted using sustainably sourced recycled materials. Learn more.
  • Production:  Made in France

Refill Service: Our Chelsea boutique offers a refill service for 15ml Pocket Perfumes. We’ll refill your empty bottle with a fresh batch of the originally purchased scent. Book a refill appointment at this link. To arrange your refill by post, message us.

Shipping Restriction: We regret that it is not possible to deliver perfumes outside of the UK.

Fragrance Tips


  • Try Colonia VIII (fruity/woody) followed by Colonia IX (woody). 
  • You could also layer either scent with Colonia IV (citrus).


  • Colonia IV with Colonia IX
  • Colonia VIII with Colonia IV
  • Colonia VI with Colonia IV
  • Colonia VI with Colonia VII
  • Colonia IV with Colonia VII


  • Apply liberally to pulse points, just like Cleopatra did –  such as inside wrist, inside elbow, behind the ears, base of the neck and behind the knee
  • Avoid rubbing the wrists together after application as this will cause the molecules to breakdown and the fragrance to fade
  • Keep skin moisturised as it allows fragrance to last longer

As Loved By

“Incredible fragrances” –

“Everyone will stop you just to ask what you’re wearing: trust us, we know from experience.” –

“Delightfully chic and refreshing light, yet lasting. A unisex scent collection and so open for all to wear; it will lift your spirits, lift your heart and you will smell of course fantastic”-

“Ancienne Ambiance has the perfect luxurious Fragrance Discovery Box…..the most stunning fragrances.” – Rene Byrd, Singer/Songwriter & Personality

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