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Immune Booster – Self care tips for Autumn Winter:

Autumn is a definite new beginning, evoking a seasonal shift which is synonymous with fresh starts and exciting opportunities. With a definite nip in the air, we’re all thinking about Winter wardrobes and getting cosy.


It’s also worth remembering how to re-balance and enjoy Autumn Winter, from immune booster tips to top ways to battle post-holiday blues. Another important seasonal factor is ensuring self-care strategies,  putting yourself at the top of your priority list.

Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Bath Salts - Amandula Almond Bath Salts


Taking time to indulge in small luxuries is a huge part of this and what we specialise in at Ancienne Ambiance. Plus, speaking of exciting launches, this Autumn/Winter sees the arrival of two bath salts, Amandula and Arangia – they’re back by popular demand after receiving so many requests to sell them again. Discontinued a couple of years ago, you asked- so we listened! You can indulge in these luxurious Bath Salts, which are exactly the same formula, but this time featuring new labels with a touch of colour.

Luxury Orange Scented Bath Salts - Orange Zest Salts - Ancienne Ambiance

Magnesium for Skin : The benefits of including magnesium in your skincare regime

Immune boost September with bath salts – the benefits of including magnesium in your skincare regime are massive. Our salts are rich in magnesium, which helps relieve stress, aches and pains, improve circulation and even increase nutrient absorption. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to use magnesium for sleep and other immune boosting bonuses, this is an ideal way of incorporating them into your skincare regime for Autumn Winter.

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All our product categories (including Bath Salts) have had a little Autumn refresh and, as well as Amandula and Arangia, you can also shop four Special Edition Magnesium rich Epsom salts in the collection. Previously available in-store only, they are now shoppable online too. The gorgeous Special Edition glass bottle decanters will sit decadently in your bathroom and make an ideal gift as well.

How to use magnesium for skincare

Magnesium rich Epsom salts are well known for their wellbeing benefits, offering a detoxifying boost and an immune system lift. Simply add to your bath to soak and de-stress (you’ll feel the benefits even with a quick foot soak) or use for exfoliating purposes- the ancient Greeks and Egyptians loved a good body scrub. However you choose to add these luxury Bath Salts to your routine, you’ll find replenishment at any time of the year.



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