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New Spring Fresh Reed Diffusers & Wellbeing Refresh:

Spring is here and at Ancienne Ambiance an exciting product refresh marks the new season… Our best-selling Reed Diffusers have a brand-new look with labels featuring a fabulous splash of seasonal colour ! Plus, scent-sational new Gift Set options will also be available. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Scroll down below for our 5 top tips for a Wellbeing Refresh

Pink Edition Ancienne Ambiance Damask Rose Reed Diffuser - Wellbeing Refresh


Luxurious home fragrance for your wellbeing, when the diffusers run out you can pop them in the recycling or reuse the glass as decorative bud vases. Need a refill? We’ve got those too – all refills include both fragrance oil and new set of reeds.  Available in our stunning signature scents which are natural fragrance blends formulated in France, choose between Ambra Amber, Cedrus Cedar and Damask Rose. A fresh simple way to stylishly update your space for Spring, we’re happily switching up the Reed Diffusers’ look to herald the Spring/Summer season ahead.

Ancienne Ambiance Reed Diffusers - Wellbeing Refresh

Spring Refresh

Speaking of a Spring wellbeing refresh, Wendy O’Beirne The Completion Coach, explains how you can re-energise your mind too. Wendy explains that coming out of the colder months, there a few things to do which will renew our energy. As she points out,

“Spring cleaning is a term used for our homes, but it is also an essential way to let go of Winter sluggishness and embrace the new season”

Wellbeing Refresh - The Completion Coach Wendy O’Beirne

Wendy O’Beirne, The Completion Coach

Top Tips for a Spring Wellbeing Reboot with Wendy O’Beirne The Completion Coach

Paving the way for warmer months, here are Wendy’s five top tips for a Spring Wellbeing Reboot:

1.    Start setting your alarm a little earlier, even if it’s just by half an hour to begin with. Getting up and moving in the morning before the day begins can be really energising. Whether that means a few gentle yoga stretches, steps around the garden with your cuppa or going for a run, begin the day with some movement and feel that energy flow.

2.    As the days become brighter, try to make sure you get outside as often as possible. From ten minutes at lunchtime or a walk straight after dinner in those lighter evenings, stop and enjoy the flowers blooming. Plus, drinking in the brighter sky taking us into summer never fails to lift our mood. By taking a few moments outside in nature you’re able to boost your own energy levels and grab that feeling of renewal.

3.    As well as cleaning out your cupboards, spring is a great time to clean out your social media.  Delete accounts that don’t bring joy and make a point to look for those which make you feel excited about what’s possible. Gravitate scrolling towards accounts which soothe the soul and feel like a tonic when you do check in.

4.    Often our feet have been swaddled up for months, so taking time to give yourself a pedicure and foot massage (this Ancienne Ambiance Signature Bath & Body Oil is ideal) as a self-care ritual making you feel lighter and brighter.

5.    Finally, as the warmth starts to emerge during Spring and Summer, tilt your head to the sun and smile. I also always recommend getting your bare feet on the ground, because grounding is a great way to connect with yourself and take a moment to pause, charge yourself and encourage a fresh take on the coming months.


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Editor of The Ambiance Blog, Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer.

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