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It’s Autumn… So we turned over a new leaf –

Since Ancienne Ambiance London began in 2004 we have taken the old (ancient) and blended it with the new. So it’s only natural for our new logo to encompass our beginnings, whilst looking future forward.


Ancienne Ambiance London – luxury goods inspired by antiquity…  call us Ambiance for short…


“We took the old AA logo and put it together to form a pyramid, representing the Ancienne (ancient) “
Adriana Carlucci, Ambiance London founder


As with our original gold-leaf, the entire process was painted beautifully by hand using 23k gold.

“Step into Ambiance London’s chic boutique. You’ll find a treasury of beautifully-scented treats”  
Fiona Klonarides, The Beauty Shortlist


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Visit our London Boutique in the heart of Chelsea at 3 Cale Street in Chelsea Green:

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