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Wellbeing and Positivity:

In my personal opinion, you can spot a positive person a mile off. They radiate empowerment and offer strength without zapping your energy. Something my friends and I discuss when talking about encountering different social relationships; is whether an individual could be categorised as a radiator or a drain. Bear with me…

Think of someone in your life: do they consistently warm your heart or exhaust your energy? As I’ve got older, I’m more precise about my friendship needs, and have absolutely zero space for negativity. Being fussy about those you invite into your circle of trust is no bad thing and equally enables recognition of your own friendship value.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the same as an individual having a bad day, it’s perhaps a continual feeling that they are criticising everyone and everything. Navigating life can be tricky enough without any external causes, such as toxic relationships, chipping away at your self esteem or overall happiness.

If you identify a person to walk away from because they are damaging to your sense of self or you don’t feel like the best version of you around them, close that chapter. Put the friendship down and move on, follow it up with a nice bath and some Jasmine Salts.

Something I once read and that really resonated- is the importance of talking to yourself internally, the way you would your best friends. Lift yourself up as you though you are your own best friend, shower yourself with praise and celebrate amazing accomplishments.

There will always be hard times and I’m certainly not saying that a positive attitude can eradicate difficulties. Yet as a coping strategy, positive self-care is a powerful one too. Equally, always allow yourself the time you need to rest and roll with your feelings.

As a mother, I know I can’t solve my kids’ problems if they come up against friendship group issues and the like, but I will try to equip them with the resources they need to cope. A constant learning curve, all I am sure about, is the limitless treasure that is kindness.

Ultimately, you never know what someone is dealing with and so a smile at the shops or an understanding comment in the post office queue can make or break a person’s day. I don’t need to point out the obvious, but there have been days where I’ve had a challenging morning and one kind remark from a stranger has lifted my spirits so much.

The thing about positivity is that it’s addictive and catching, and those sharing the same values will gravitate towards you. Holding people close who add warmth to your spirit and brighten your day, week or month, is a precious gift.

Gather strength from any experiences you endure and channel doubt into determination. Welcome positive interactions and shut your eyes and ears to negative remarks and responses. I’m no wellbeing expert, but we each work through our own trials and tribulations, with all of the above being what I have gleamed from my own.

All hail- the power of positivity.


Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty editor and lifestyle writer (Glamour, Grazia). Follow Helen on Twitter or Instagram.

Helen Wilson-Beevers

Helen Wilson-Beevers







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Editor of The Ambiance Blog, Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer.

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