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Essential Oils – Natural Ways to Calm Anxiety –

What helps anxiety naturally?

Whether you’re struggling to juggle a hectic schedule or simply looking for some down time, the concept of wellbeing continues to reign supreme, with that in mind, this week we cover natural ways to calm anxiety with coach Wendy O’Beirne.

One firm wellness favourite is a focus on little fixes, such as essential oils. From scents for helping you sleep to exploring what essential oils are good for concentration and focus, these magical natural oils have many benefits. When asking what are essential oils, the simple answer is a concentrated liquid comprising a particular plant’s essence. That specific essence can then be chosen depending on your natural wellness needs and incorporated into products like skin and bodycare buys.

Natural Ways to Ease Anxiety : Luxury aromatherapy bath oils - bath oils gift set

Commonly asked questions cover: what are essential oils used for, and are essential oils effective along with what are the best ways to help anxiety naturally. It is widely regarded that essential oils have multi-purpose benefits including mood and energy boosters, offering calm on fraught days and helping with sleep and relaxation.

The best essential oils explained

Look for natural sleep-infusing remedies such as lavender if you want to relax, or mood-lifting scents like orange blossom for a little boost. What essential oils are good for skin depends on components within the product itself. So for example, our oils are highly nourishing and soothing for skin. Our Signature Luxury Bath & Body Oil, comprises sweet orange, juniper berry and sweet almond oils, ideal for lowering anxiety levels but also containing skin-friendly vitamin E.

What is the best lavender bath oil?

Another Ancienne Ambiance essential oil favourite is Lavendula Bath & Body Oil, featuring anti-inflammatory properties from lavender, while jojoba and sweet almond oils soothe and soften skin. This brilliant buy also helps muscle pain, headaches and tension. Should you be pondering what essential oils are good for, don’t hesitate to ask us as Ancienne Ambiance and we can help you choose the best ones for your lifestyle.

The Completion Coach Wendy O’Beirne

Mindset & manifestation coach Wendy O’Beirne

As well as essential oils, other natural anxiety-alleviating practices include looking at a holistic approach to wellbeing. Mindset & manifestation coach Wendy O’Beirne shares her top tips for easing anxiety naturally:

Top tips on how to ease anxiety

  • Get outside and walk:  The simple act of getting away from things and taking a 10-minute walk can really clear your mind.  I try to do this daily as a simple way to get away from screens and distractions, and either listen to a brief podcast. Or, just not take a phone and do a mindful walk which involves really noticing everything around you and the changing of the season.
  • Meditation: A guided meditation is a great distraction from what is normally a very busy mind.  Use Calm or Headspace or google a You Tube meditation and you will find loads that really help
Learn how mindfulness meditation improves wellbeing and health >>>
  • Grounding Yourself: Standing up with your eyes closed gently rubbing your heart over-and-over again whilst repeating I am safe, I am enough, I am safe, I am enough – this practice is really, really, grounding and can work instantly!
  • Sleep: Massively underrated but check how much sleep you are getting and try for an early night or even a nap!  You will really notice a difference (I use Magnesium tablets to aid a good night’s sleep together with a pillow spray).

Follow Wendy on Instagram @thecompletioncoach and explore her website thecompletioncoach.co.uk  for information about owning your story, as well as upcoming events.


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