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Aphrodite Cypress Candle


“Ancienne Ambiance London makes incredible candles with authentic fragrances. I have them everywhere – in the bedroom, in the sitting room. If I’m going to my office, I’ll take one in with me as I love the smell when I’m working.” Plum Sykes, Author & Vogue writer

“Love at first scent” Fiona Klonarides, TheBeautyShortlist.com

“If you’re in Chelsea and in between appointments, pop over to Cale Street a quick stroll from the Saatchi Gallery and step into Ancienne Ambiance London’s chic boutique.  You’ll find a treasury of beautifully-scented treats to try, including candles, and their uplifting Bath Salts, Damask Rose Reed Diffuser, fig-with-a-twist Colonia VIII EDP and silky, spray-on scented Goddess Argan Oil are up there with our absolute favourites.” Fiona Klonarides, TheBeautyShortlist.com

“Ancienne Ambiance London truly is a unique and wonderful brand. Adriana’s background in antiquities fuelled by her passion for fragrance inspired her to bring together the curation of these exceptional products. Historical elements and themes run through the entire range with either the ingredients or with the methods that the products have been created. Ambiance London brings history to life… where each product also has its own story.” AmazingPR

“This year (2019) Ambiance London celebrates its 15th birthday. With its pretty flagship boutique in Chelsea, constantly evolving website and highly distinctive purple packaging, Ambiance London is now a leading (and multi-award-winning) luxury goods label.” TheGoodWebGuide.co.uk

“Ancienne Ambiance London truly is a unique and wonderful brand.” TheAmazingBlog.co.uk

“With so many incredible products on offer, it is almost impossible to choose. Walking into the shop you are immediately hit by the wonderfully invigorating scents of the many candles, diffusers and heavenly perfumes on offer. Pop by if you are in town and experience it yourself, or take a look at their constantly evolving website. You’re in for a treat” 


“The most stunning fragrances… I am simply in love with Ancienne Ambiance London, all of their fragrances smell like heaven.” Rene Byrd, Singer/Songwriter

“Colonia Nine is particularly special.” StephanMatthews.com

“Ancienne Ambiance is a company that I’ve mentioned many times… from exquisite perfumes right through to the most delicious soaps, but their candles really are something special”  StephanMatthews.com

“I have taken my time to get to know them and wear them properly before reviewing them. Incredible fragrances” BeautyQueenUk.co.uk

“From home fragrance to body oils there is something for every taste. The beautiful formulas and distinctive branding is perfect for a pampering treat.” AnaGoesGreen.co.uk

“I can honestly say anyone receiving any of their fabulous products as a gift will be over the moon, it not just a product its an experience of pure luxury and decadence!” Louloulouiseylifestyle Blog

“A brand you’ll fall in love with…. “There’s a fragrance here for every time of day and every occasion” Patricia Davidson, The Shopaholic’s Guide to Buying Online

“Delightfully chic and refreshing light, yet lasting. A unisex scent collection and so open for all to wear; it will lift your spirits, lift your heart and you will smell of course fantastic” .CentMagazine.co.uk

“Everyone will stop you just to ask what you’re wearing: trust us, we know from experience.”  TheAmazingBlog.co.uk

“One of my favourite candle brands.” Julia Rebaudo, Stylonylon.com

“A beautiful boutique brand.” StyleNest.co.uk

“The friendliest shop in London!” Beauty Balm Blog

“Hand-poured luxury scented candles don’t come much better than Ambiance London’s, which is why they are firm favourites of the top beauty editors.” TheGoodWebGuide.co.uk

“Each year they include some limited edition candles, and this season’s offering is richly smooth, taking sandalwood to new levels of luxury.”  The Perfume Society, PerfumeSociety.org

“The Ambiance London range of products puts the company light years ahead of the scented candle position.” CelebrityBeautyStalker.co.uk

“We are huge Ambiance London fans….In fact, there’s not a product of theirs that I have tried and not fallen in love with!” BiteableBeauty.com

“Impossible to choose a fave. The Colonia Collection is uplifting, elegant and luxurious- ideal if you’re a fragrance fanatic.”  BeautyStylus.com

“As a long-term lover of the luxurious beauty brand Ambiance London, I was thrilled when they announced that they were finally selling their own fragrances. You see, each of their luxe products is not only top notch, but they always have the most beautiful scent, which lingers for the entire day.”  IAmIntoThis.com

“It’s no secret that I’m a serious candle fiend, and for me Ancienne Ambiance London offer some of the absolute best you could find.” MummyMode.co.uk

“When you burn an Ancienne Ambiance London candle, you’re burning more than just a beautifully blended scent. The quality in this candle is evident with a flame which burns evenly throughout the many hours of enjoyment. The scent remains true and consistent from the first time you light it through to the moment it extinguishes itself.” Lipglossiping.com

“If you love scented candles, it’s time to make firm friends with this perfectly formed luxury goods brand.” Marie Claire

“Super luxurious.” GabrielleTeare.com

“Stunning candles from Ambiance London enrich your surroundings.” Glam.com

“When these candles burn they give off an air of aromatherapy and luxury.” Lussorian.com

“A unique collection of candles…made to the highest quality.” SheerLuxe.com

“I can assure you that these sublimely fragranced candles are everything they claim to be. The perfect solution for a hard-to-buy-for hostess and other discerning friends, Ancienne Ambiance London offers many wonderful gifts.” Affluent Magazine

“If pink had a smell it would be this gorgeous red rose & jasmine scented candle by Ancienne Ambiance London…the finest British candle makers.” TrustYourStyle.com & ThisNext.com

“Access your inner Goddess and transport yourself to ancient Rome with these wonderfully fragranced beauty treats.” ELLE UK

“Our favourite [candle], Aphrodite, fills your home with fragrance..it’s the perfect hostess or housewarming gift.” StyleBakery.com

“For a top-quality, gently relaxing lavender bath, try Ancienne Ambiance London’s lovely Lavendula Salts.” Sarah Barclay, YOU magazine

“Goddess Water from Ancienne Ambiance London is an elegant all-purpose product for the Goddess within you!” BeautyNewsLA.com

“Ambiance London Candles rock! Assyria is tailor-made for calming anxiety and restoring energy.” FashionTribes.com

“Ancienne Ambiance Candles smell magical.” Sarah Barclay, YOU Magazine

“Just the thing for wannabe Cleopatra’s… and with 60 hours of burning time, there’s plenty of time to seduce your very own Anthony.” ‘Top 10 Candles’ at Glamour.com

“Ancienne Ambiance London is a company that appeals to those who have an interest in luxury products.” Luxist.com

“Antiquity chic has never looked so good.” FashionTribes.com

“If you have a taste for the past then the Ambiance London Collection of luxurious consumer products is for you.” VivaVoceFashion.com

“March yourself to Ancienne Ambiance London…these treasures make ‘classic’ holiday gifts- even if you buy them for yourself.” Robin Cherry, Luxury Living- Lexus/MSN

“Ambiance London are the most beautiful perfumed candles to burn in your home. I even take them with me when I’m travelling.” Plum Sykes, American Vogue

“Van Holthe’s collection for Ancienne Ambiance London is perfectly fitting to modern trends..one off, luxury goods that take the vintage trend to extremes.” WGSN

“We are proud to award Ancienne Ambiance London with the Butterfly Mark for their natural, timeless and high quality craftsmanship embodying the values of Positive Luxury ” Positive Luxury

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