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Luxury Bath Salt Soaks ~ Epsom Salts

Soothing bath salt soaks to ease muscular aches, reduce inflammation and aid in relaxation.

An Ancienne Ambiance London Bath Salt soak is the perfect addition to your bathtime ritual, helping to soothe muscles, calm your mind nourish your skin. A self-care staple for your wellness, it will help relieve feelings of stress while gently purifying and bringing a little boost to your immune system.

A premium blend of magnesium rich Epsom salts and Mediterranean sea salt infused with organic essential oils, Ambiance London luxury bath salts can be used in the bath, for a softening foot soak and even as a body scrub... The ancient Greeks and Egyptians in particular loved the exfoliating properties of sea salt.

The Benefits of Epsom Salt: Relaxation and stress reduction, reduces inflammation, helps heal several skin conditions and relieves joint pain.

"Ambiance London very much take bath salts to the next level, creating a luxurious product which not only smell just incredible but are as relaxing to the mind and body as they are kind to your skin!" - BeautyQueenUK

"A truly decadent bath time experience" - Rebecca Goodyear, Biteable Beauty

"These salts are decidedly decadent"  –

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