Face Mist and Glow

Reawaken your complexion by adding Goddess Waters to your beauty routine.

Refreshing and revitalising the skin, Goddess Floral Waters are face mists infused with nourishing ingredients that hydrate, protect and soothe. Spritz over makeup to help deliver a Goddess glow and use as a pick-me-up or wind down pillow mist after a busy day.

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Little did they know in 1200 BC that the floral waters they so highly prized would be part of our beauty routine today – and, just as they were in antiquity, these premium essential floral waters (pure hydrolats) are full of therapeutic benefits, delivering much more than just skin hydration.

“Elegant all-purpose products for the Goddess within you!”– BeautyNewsLA.com

“Way more than ‘just’ hydrating” – TheBeautyShortlist.com

“The perfect summer spritz, full of natural skin healing properties” – TheGoodWebGuide.co.uk

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