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Softening and soothing, Ancienne Ambiance luxury Soap bars are infused with shea butter to luxuriously cleanse and moisturise the skin in one go.

First launched in 2013, Ancienne Ambiance Soaps are made in France following traditional Savon de Marseille techniques and presented in recyclable packaging.

Each luxury soap bar is full of nourishing and moisturising vitamins, creates a creamy lather that gently purifies without stripping the skin and leaves it delicately scented.

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"A slice of timeless self care." - House & Garden

"These are the soaps you need in your life!" - Sandra, Beauty Balm Blog

"Apart from the fragrance, we love how they both cleanse and hydrate the skin keeping it nourished and moisturised." - The Amazing Blog

"Anyone who is familiar with the brand Ancienne Ambiance will know that they are not just any soaps, they are quite something." -

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