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Classic Scented Candles

Make your home smell incredible

Shop sublime candles for a wonderfully scented home

Scented candles will lend an enchanting feel to any space. From your bathroom to your bedroom, you'll enjoy the lovely scent of Ancienne Ambiance London scented candles in every room. 

Learn how to pick a candle online in our Candle Buying Guide.

Bringing a scent-sational glow into your living space since 2004, Ambiance London candles add a special touch to your home. Looking for a perfect gift? Treat someone special or yourself to one of these scented candles.

Thoroughly delicious and full of fragrance (formulated in France), Ambiance London Luxury Scented Candles are hand-poured in the UK using traditional techniques, lead-free wick and special slow burning wax blend.

Each candle glass is adorned with labels that pay homage to the beautiful artistry of ancient Roman mosaics - taking inspiration from ancient motifs found in some of the most well known mosaics of the Roman Empire.

"Ancienne Ambiance London makes incredible luxury scented candles. I have them everywhere – in the bedroom, in the sitting room. If I’m going to my office, I’ll take one in with me as I love the smell when I’m working." - Plum Sykes, VOGUE
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