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Classic Scented Candles

Make your home smell incredible

Sublime candles for a wonderfully scented home

There are just a few left and, once they’re gone, they’re gone... Shop our final batches of Imperium Laurel, Tuberosa Tuberose, Bacca Berry and Alteeneh Fig Candles.

home candles - luxury scented candles - tuberose candle - ancienne ambianceBringing a scent-sational glow into your living space since 2004, discover luxuriously scented candles to suit every mood. Indulge the senses with award-winning candles every day of the year.

Thoroughly delicious and full of fragrance (formulated in France), Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Scented Candles are hand-poured in the UK using traditional techniques, lead-free wick and special slow burning wax blend.

Each candle glass is adorned with labels that pay homage to the beautiful artistry of ancient Roman mosaics - taking inspiration from ancient motifs found in some of the most well known mosaics of the Roman Empire.

Candle Values: Learn about how our candles are made >>>

"Ancienne Ambiance makes incredible luxury scented candles with authentic fragrances. I have them everywhere – in the bedroom, in the sitting room. If I’m going to my office, I’ll take one in with me as I love the smell when I’m working." - Plum Sykes, VOGUE

“If you love scented candles, make firm friends with this perfectly formed luxury goods brand” - Marie Claire

"Their candles really are something special"