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Shop sumptuous luxury soap bars, sublime bath and body oils and hydrating body lotions, all inspired by Ancient beauty rituals.

Everyone deserves some daily pampering. Whether you want to feel invigorated before a big day, refreshed after a workout or relaxed before bed, you'll find Ambiance London body wash, bath soaks, bath oils and body lotion in exquisite scents.

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In antiquity, ancient Egypt especially, self care practices and beauty products were believed to bring one closer to the Gods.... the body needed to be clean and scented.

"You're in for a treat" - The Beauty Shortlist

"Beautifully imprinted with the iconic Ambiance logo... each soap, which is a 100g bar in a rectangular shape, is quite possibly the most luxurious looking soap bars I’ve ever seen." -
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An iconic Ancienne Ambiance London purple gift box. Tied up with signature purple satin and gold foil ribbon, the gift box is about to be unwrapped.

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