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Porcelain Tableware | Home Decor

From eye-catching decorative snack bowls and show-stopping espresso cups, each piece adds a timeless sense of refinement to your home. Explore more hand-painted porcelain homeware exclusively in-store.

A collaboration with renowned artist Dalal Bakhos, who has specialised in hand painted porcelain for over 30 years, the Ambiance CASA Collection is meticulously crafted by Dalal at her atelier in Beirut, Lebanon. Intricately painted by hand and 18k gold-plated, using centuries-old techniques, each piece takes at least a day to create.


Fine accessories for the home, explore Ambiance London luxury ceramic soap dishes and candle plates crafted by acclaimed ceramicist Gerard Crociani at his atelier in Vallauris, France. A pottery region since ancient times, located in south-eastern France near Cannes, it was once home to where Picasso rented an old perfume factory as a sculpture studio in the late 1940s and created his ceramic art.
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