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Let your senses come alive with Ancienne Ambiance Fine Fragrances

Exquisite Contemporary Fragrances

Niche perfumes inspired by antiquity and offering an olfactive journey with natural distinctive character, Ancienne Ambiance Fragrances are produced by hand in limited quantities in France.

An exquisite unisex niche perfume collection crafted using the finest ingredients, there is a scent to suit everyone. Each 100ml glass bottle is reminiscent of iconic classical columns and comes perfectly presented in a signature Ancienne Ambiance hand-crafted luxury gift box, which is made in the UK.

Ancienne Ambiance eau de toilette and eau de parfum are exclusively online at and the Ancienne Ambiance London boutique in the heart of Chelsea.

FRAGRANCE CONSULTATIONS: The Ancienne Ambiance boutique is the perfect destination to discover your new favourite scent. We offer a private and restful environment for guests to experience luxurious and bespoke fragrance consultations. Arrange a unique Fragrance Consultation by appointment at this link

Alternatively, our online Fragrance Finder can find the ideal fragrance for you.


"Ancienne Ambiance can help you put together the perfect fragrance gift; you will feel like a queen" - Rene Byrd, Singer/Songwriter

"The beautiful formulas and distinctive branding is perfect for a pampering treat" -