Coffee Cups & Mugs

Enjoy your next coffee in style with unique hand-painted espresso cups and mugs.

From a luxurious afternoon tea with friends to a simple morning cup of coffee before work, the Ambiance London collection of mugs and espresso cups make a moment special. The handcrafted range provides a timeless elegance, whatever the occasion and make a thoughtful gifts for coffee lovers or hosts.

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An AMBIANCE collaboration with renowned porcelain producer Dalal Bakhos,  our CASA Collection is meticulously crafted in France and intricately hand-painted by Dalal at her atelier in Beirut, Lebanon. Specialising in porcelain objet d’art for over 30 years, Dalal uses centuries-old techniques and each piece takes at least a day to create.

Explore more hand-painted porcelain homeware exclusively in-store.

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