Luxury Candles at Ambiance

Exquisite home fragrances to elevate your everyday. Fragrance lovers will adore luxurious Ancienne Ambiance home fragrances infused with multi-layered notes to enrich your home and create a fabulous ambience in any room.

Looking for a perfect gift? Treat someone special or yourself to luxuriously hand-poured scented candles. Scenting your space since 2004, discover extraordinary Ancienne Ambiance candles and diffusers to suit every mood.

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Scented Candles: Whether upgrading your home working habits or enjoying a cosy evening watching Netflix, indulging in Ambiance scented candles will bring an enriching glow into your living space.

Reed Diffusers: If you’re concerned about the fire hazards of scented candles, Ambiance diffusers give off wonderful scents without the flame.

“Ambiance are the most beautiful candles” – Plum Sykes, VOGUE

“Ancienne Ambiance is one of the companies that actually can please everyone because their approach to home scenting is grounded in a much more generous sphere. They have candles and diffusers that carry the same scent; however the fragrance is reworked to function at its best in each of the products.” –

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