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Scent Of The Month

Elevating Summer Candles

What candle scents are for Summer?

Give your space that extra special scent by lighting an extraordinary Ancienne Ambiance Candle, designed to enrich your home and create a fabulous ambience in any room.

APHRODITE CYPRESS: A fresh and uplifting woody scent.

ASSYRIA BLOSSOM: An elegant and distinctive orange blossom.

ROMANA AMBER: A truly exquisite soft-amber fragrance.


"Ancienne Ambiance makes incredible luxury scented candles. I have them everywhere" - Plum Sykes, VOGUE

As recommended by Glamour & YOU magazine


Candle Scent Pairing

How do you pair fragrances?

There's nothing quite like lighting a scented candle, whether you need to refresh, wind down or create an enveloping feel and burning two together can be quite extraordinary.

Indulge the senses by creating a bespoke home scent... Try scent pairing candles with the Romana Amber Candle - enjoy !