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New Year Self-Care:

Improve your wellbeing and focus on self indulgence with our New Year Detox Guide.

January and February can seem the dullest months of the year, especially after all that Christmas sparkle. So what better time to invest in yourself with an extra focus on your wellbeing? From detox boosts to wellness lifts, put self-care at the top of your to-do list.

Journalling for Mindfulness

Something I’ve found hugely beneficial for both a mind detox and soul cleanse has been journaling. A positive wellbeing move, capturing your thoughts in a journal enables you to be creative and keep in touch with goals. As someone whose mind is always busy, I also find my journal a really helpful place to just offload.



The one I use is Notes To Self Journal (£14.99), created by Wendy O’Beirne. An interactive and brilliantly accessible notebook to chart your successes and list all-important aims, Wendy explains that even if you have five minutes free in each day, this journal “is set to quickly and easily provide you with the ‘check in’ that makes all the difference.”

She continues, “It started with making lists of what I wanted (not other people!) and these built on each other until I arrived at a unique set of prompts and practices that evolved into projects that would now define my life. My ‘Notes to Self Journal’ is that same journey, professionally packaged and available for anyone to use as a comprehensive and holistic self-penned guide to life.”

Putting yourself first for a change is a simple self-care step, that makes all the difference.

Run an essential oil detox bath

Wash away toxins and relax in luxury with an essential oil detox bath. Turn your phone off and shut your door on the busy world outside.

The Ancienne Ambiance Signature Detox Bath & Body Oil is an aromatherapy oil to calm and soothe both body and mind. With a sweet orange scent, this fragrance in particular is known for its uplifting properties. Ever since discovering the sunny addition a sweet orange essential oil brings, it has become my go-to brightener for dull months. Joined by indulgent almond and deluxe juniper berry oils, this elegant blend will infuse your day or evening with wellbeing luxury.

Our Signature Detox Bath Recipe

Aromatherapy Bath Oils - Luxury Body Oils - Special Edition Bath & Body Oils - Ancienne Ambiance

Add to your bath and soak up some relaxation. Plus, the Signature Detox Bath & Body Oil is an ideal product for a revitalising massage, reducing cellulite and minimising water retention too. This is one multi-tasking January detox beauty buy.

As a wellbeing detox bath recipe, you won’t find a better pick-me-up for those colder months.


Getting outside

Even though every instinct may scream for you to keep cosy and stay indoors with a blanket, an invigorating brisk walk always offers a brilliant energy boost. Wrap up warm and take a stroll, popping in your earphones. Walk off any stress and enjoy getting your thoughts in order, with your favourite music playing.

The best bit? Snuggling up with a hot chocolate and cosy candle afterwards. Choose an uplifting Ancienne Ambiance number, such as the ever-comforting Romana Amber Scented Candle.



Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty editor and lifestyle writer (Glamour, Grazia). Follow Helen on Twitter or Instagram.

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Give yourself the gift of less stress…

Enjoy an essential oil detox bath and transport yourself to a place of peace. Discover more – hereancienne ambiance bath and body oils - luxury bath oils - luxury body oils



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Editor of The Ambiance Blog, Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer.

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