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Luxury Soap Bars:

In big beauty news, luxury soap bars have seen a steady rise in popularity. What was once seen as old-fashioned is now instead regarded a classic skincare must-have. It seems almost everyone is talking about it, from The Sunday Times #BeautyBoss Sarah Jossel on ITV’s This Morning, to the British Beauty Council posting on Instagram that “the soap bar is having a great revival and in large part its due to the emergence of natural beauties”.

“Ancienne Ambiance soaps are utterly deliciousPlum Sykes, VOGUE

A chic skincare staple, it’s safe to say the soap bar’s trend star is steadily soaring. With an increased focus on sustainability and ethically conscious beauty choices, buying luxury soap also addresses the damage plastic overload is causing to the environment.

The British Beauty Council add, “Gentle skin cleansing and balancing natural, wildcrafted soap is having a much-deserved moment”.

Facial Soap for Dry Skin

For us as an independent brand with luxurious soap and fine ingredients at the forefront of our product range, clients continually remark how soft their skin feels after using Ancienne Ambiance Soap Bars. Beauty bars that can also be used on the face, they are enriched with shea butter, don’t dry out the skin at all, instead soothe and soften. Plus, our luxury soap bars last a long time and, by choosing a favourite scent, you also fill the bathroom with the fine fragrance with which they are infused.

The Most Luxurious Soap

We make soap bars following traditional techniques from Marseille in France. Created with a 100% natural vegetable oil base using coconut oil (this contains natural glycerine) and even without the presence of SLS they lather beautifully. Furthermore, Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Soaps are cruelty free.

luxury soaps - luxury soap - ancienne ambiance soap

“A truly pampering experience, even when just washing your hands. These luxury soaps are guaranteed to leave you and your home smelling super!” – Rebecca Goodyear, BiteableBeauty.com

Bespoke Soap Gift Sets

Whilst we sell a variety of luxury soap bars in-store and online such as Jasminum Jasmine, Lavendula Lavender, Damask Rose, Goddess Argan (Best Soap Bar Winner, Biteable Beauty Awards 2013), Meli Honey and Amandula Almond – available individually and in soap sets. We’ve also recently noticed an increase in clients requesting bespoke soap sets at our Chelsea boutique. By combining different scents, you can create a unique and classic unisex gift. Perfect for hosting guests or preparing for a special occasion.

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The Best Soap In the World

The humble soap bar’s heritage is an intriguing story. In ancient times they were prescribed to remove impurities and it’s thought that soap production began as early as 2800BC. This is because the first soap formula was found written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200BC. It has also been reported that soap was first discovered by washer women. Who were doing their laundry in the Tiber River at the base of Sapo Hill in Rome. Consequently the word ‘sapo’, which is Latin for soap, was recorded by Roman author Pliny around AD 77-79.

“Nothing beats a glorious bar of soap to gently cleanse the skin and we love these shea butter enriched beauties, inspired by ancient pampering” – TheStyleLane.com

To walk you through our luxury soap bar collection- firstly, Amandula Almond was created using the delicate almond milk fragrance favoured by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Nourishing for the skin, it also tones and firms. Damask Rose is a nod to Cleopatra’s love of rose and contains a soft, floral scent.

The award-winning Goddess Argan soap bar is an argan oil beauty, showcasing oriental fragrances inspired by scents favoured by Roman Emperors. Naturally high in vitamin E, antioxidants and organic argan oil,  it is ideal if you’re in need of skincare TLC.

The Best Smelling Soap

Jasminum Jasmine and Lavender Soap

Jasminum Jasmine harks back to Egyptian times when the Jasmine flower was thought of as the ‘queen of all flowers’. Gentle and elevating, it is a beautiful bar of soap. For lavender fans, look no further than Lavendula Lavender, which was inspired by the ancient Egyptians who used lavender to create soothing ointments and perfumes.

To finish on a sweet note, Meli Honey is a therapeutic wonder, with evidence of honey’s healing properties dating back more than 5000 years. Comprising luxurious nourishing vitamins, offer your skin a beautiful soap bar boost.

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A chic, classic, nourishing skincare essential, all hail the simple soap bar.

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Luxury Soap Trays

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Post Updated: June 2021

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