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New Luxury Soap Scents at Ancienne Ambiance – 

What is the most luxurious soap?

 The Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection just got bigger!  Discover four stunning new scents: Adriatica Fig, Ambra Amber, Bacca Berry and Neroli Orange Blossom.

First launched in 2013, Ancienne Ambiance Soap bars have continued to be a huge part of the Ancienne Ambiance brand story. A classic beauty staple and always in fashion too, Ancienne Ambiance Founder and Director Adriana shares:

“If you’re new to Ancienne Ambiance I highly recommend trying one of our luxury soap bars. Cleansing and moisturising in one go, it will tell you all you need to know about our brand, craftsmanship and the quality of everything we do.”


What is a luxury soap?

Now for the full new soap lowdown… All Ancienne Ambiance Soap bars are beautifully imprinted with the iconic Ancienne Ambiance logo. Emblazoned on the sumptuously smooth bars in raised font, the Ambiance London logo and bordered edge is a suitably chic finish. The rectangular shaped 100g soap bars come in different colours depending on scent, which you’ll notice straight after unwrapping its 100% recyclable packaging. Said packaging is complete with differing metallic shaded signature branding.

The most luxurious bar soaps 

As with all Ancienne Ambiance soaps, shea butter brings a skin soothing and smoothing element. Made in France using traditional techniques, the composition is a 100% vegetable oil base, complete with coconut oil, which contains natural glycerine. Showcasing several nourishing vitamins, the formula is created without potentially irritating synthetic SLS in there either.  

Gently softening yet satisfyingly cleansing, they work for both body and face. Creating a fluffy foam when adding water, their silky formula glides onto skin. You’ll love the soap’s multi-tasking skincare versatility exuding pared back beauty points.

What is the best smelling soap?

Diving into these new luxury soap additions, Ambra Soap is an amber scented number wrapped up in a chocolate-coloured bar. The rich shade of choice mirrors the sweet, warming fragrance of its inviting scent. Lathering up feels like enjoying a sweet treat.  

beauty shortlist awards 2022 - ancienne ambiance ambra amber soap

Meanwhile, the fig fragranced and violet coloured Adriatica Soap is a beautifully brightening scent with woody depth. You’ll detect the intricate fig details and fruity delight when smelling its soap counterpart. Layers of floral woodiness spring out as you wash too.

beauty shortlist awards 2022 - ancienne ambiance adriatica fig soap

Bacca Soap’s berry notes are seen in the bar’s red shade, reminiscent of a fruity sorbet in scent and look alike. You’ll agree that this joyful fragrance is absolutely bursting with fresh fruity flavour. The refreshing berry notes are juicy and sweet.

luxury soap - red berries scented soap - berry soap - savon de marseille - ancienne ambiance bacca soap

Finally, Neroli Soap is an uplifting orange blossom, cream coloured bar of soapy goodness.  Mood boosting and invigorating, this is skincare simplicity, all in one compact block. Not at all overpowering, the elevating fresh scent is a comforting and therapeutic classic.

orange blossom scented soap - orange blossom soap - orange blossom savon de marseille - ancienne ambiance neroli soap

The best soap in the world

Not sure which stunning new soap to sample first? Discover our Build Your Own Soap Set, where you create a set of four luxury soaps based on your own scent preferences. Whether you build your soap set online or in-store at the Ancienne Ambiance boutique in Chelsea, it offers elegance and a slice of quick luxury, not to mention a sustainable washing pick.  The perfect way to treat yourself, gift a friend or share with staycation guests as they are able to visit again.

Has there ever been a better moment to indulge in some new luxury soap scents?

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Editor of The Ambiance Blog, Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer.

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