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The top 5 books to kick start your year and your wellbeing for 2020

New Year New Books – Wellbeing 2020 :

The top 5 books to kick start your year and your wellbeing for 2020…

Being brutally honest, I don’t naturally flock towards the ‘new year new me mantra’. Mainly because I think last year’s ‘you’ was already rather amazing. But one thing is for sure – there’s always room for body and soul TLC. Especially when celebrating a brand-new decade.

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Wellbeing Reads 2020

With relaxing and recharging in mind, a brilliant book will never fail to rejuvenate your new year spirit. Covering wellbeing boosts and good old-fashioned page turners, those grey months will no longer seem so dreary with our best reads for 2020…

A Little Pick Me Up: Shining A Light On Your Darkest Emotions by Katie Portman

This book is a brilliant buddy for providing assurance, inspiration and empathy galore. Author Katie Portman explains her own story, highlighting ways as women we have historically been made to feel bad about ourselves. By outlining this pertinent point and using her voice to chart deeply personal life chapters, the reader can navigate moments of self-doubt or low confidence with Katie’s powerfully supportive voice. The ideal size to pop in your handbag for on the move too, you can easily flick through pages and pinpoint accessible, kind and hugely relevant wisdom. This was my favourite book to be released in 2019 and I’d thoroughly recommend ordering a copy.

a little pick me up by katie portman - Wellbeing 2020 New Year New Book


The Comparison Cure: How To Be Less ‘Them’ And More ‘You’ by Lucy Sheridan

Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan combines all her expert knowledge and intuition, providing steps and methods to improve your self-worth and live a #comparisonfree life. Tapping into ways we inevitably compare our lives and achievements, Lucy helps to harness this potentially detrimental habit and turn it around as a kind of superpower. An incredible force, she has worked with thousands of people, using her innovative and proven skillset.

the comparison cure by lucy sheridan - Wellbeing 2020 New Year New Book


Party Girls Die In Pearls: An Oxford Girl Mystery by Plum Sykes

A fabulously fun murder mystery by New York Times best-selling author Plum Sykes, Party Girls Die In Pearls will offer excitement and glamour aplenty. Keeping you hooked to the very end, a murder investigation ensues alongside black tie events and multiple soirees. Set in the 80s, you’ll adore the fashion and frolics. Team with a glass of wine or box of chocs and devour this book’s dramatic (and hilarious) pages.

party girls die in pearls by plum sykes - Wellbeing 2020 New Year New Book


Becoming: A Guided Journey For Discovering Your Voice by Michelle Obama

Following on from the smash success of her bestselling memoir Becoming, this new journal is an interactive book. Providing powerful points for paving your way through 2020, Michelle Obama offers inspiring questions and quotes. And, if you haven’t already read Becoming, add that to your basket too- it is a complete life-affirming must from America’s former First Lady.

becoming by michelle obama - Wellbeing 2020 New Year New Book


The Giver Of Stars by Jojo Moyes

Always told never to judge a book by its cover, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the celestial beauty of this one. A new novel which was also inspired by a true story, this standalone Jojo Moyes book takes you back to the 1930s and a union between an Englishwoman and her wealthy American beau. Full of signature Jojo Moyes style, the story will grip and charm you. And make your bookcase look extremely stunning too.

the giver of stars by jojo moyes - Wellbeing 2020 New Year New Book



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